How to deep fry chicken wings

How to deep fry chicken wings

Safety First When cooking with oil! Have a wet cloth on hand & a dry chemical fire extinguisher near by as a secondary option.

My ingratiates, though I list canola as the deep fry oil. Im actually using a canola/olive oil mix. The smoke point is lower with a mix but good enough for wing.

Mix the flour, paprika, pepper, & a dash of sea salt into a bag or bowl to rub the wings in.

When your all set up, take out your wings and start rubbing them into your flour mixture.

As you prep your wings, you can start pre heating the oil. Raise the heat slowly towards medium or 175c or 350f. I only fill the pot a 1/4 full. If the oil starts smoking idle the heat back.

Slowly add wings well assessing the heat of the oil. Adding more wings the 1/4 full pot should raise to 1/2 full well still providing a level of safety. Cook for 8 to 10min or more for more crunch.

My first batch of wings with a sample cut. White meat and clear juices and you'll have a better wing night in then out!

Mmmm classic bbq and Lemon Pepper! Pour on top as much as you like and toss to coat.


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