How to cook fanned baked potatoes

How to cook fanned baked potatoes

Fry your lardons in the frying pan

Mix fat from the pan with olive oil and herbs... I used rosemary, oregano , tarragon, salt and black pepper

Drizzle the oil and herb mix over the potatoes which should be sliced.. but not right through reserve some to use 1/2 way through the cooking. Put into the oven and cook for 45 mins at 200 degrees

After 30 mins drizzle more oil mix over , sprinkle on the lardons and return to oven for 15 mins

Either grate your cheese or use pre grated ...much quicker

After 15 mins remove again and sprinkle cheese over, season, return to oven and wait till cheese is melted

Serve with a wee tomato...a bit of sour cream would also go down a treat

Yum it all up!

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