How to make coconut sweet potato ginger soup (vegan)

How to make coconut sweet potato ginger soup (vegan)

This soup is made with a casual recipe. No measurements are given because it doesn't matter if you are exact. Use the ratios you feel good about, every time, and you can't get it wrong :)

Clean and coarsely chop organic, locally grown carrots.

Steam cut carrots in a large pot with a metal steamer and filtered water.

Length of steam will depend on how thick the pieces are. Cook until soft. About 20 minutes.

At the same time, bake whole sweet potatoes (yellow, not orange) at 350 until soft, maybe 40 minutes.

While the carrots steam and potatoes bake you can multi-task :) Go fold your laundry, put the dishes away or pay some bills... But set a timer so you don't make a mess... !

You can always cook the carrots and sweet potato ahead of time, and even on different days and then make them into a soup when you are ready to proceed with the following steps...

Place cooked carrots in a blender, Vitamix or food processor.

Add hot water or some of the broth at the bottom of the pot created by the steaming process.

Add a sweet potato, break it into pieces. Leave peels on, or remove.

Chop a little fresh ginger (1-3 slices) and put into blender. This adds a warm and spicy flavor to the sweet root vegetables. You could add any alternative or additional spices or herbs now too.

Add about a tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil. Yes, it will add a coconut flavor--more sweetness! You could use a different oil if you don't like coconut...

Melt the oil into the blender with more hot water from your tea kettle.

Blend and stop to stir and add more water as needed. Please don't blend an explosion! Leave the lid on loosely so stuff doesn't splatter but so the steam can escape.

Once it's going full spin you don't even need a lid. The spinning force keeps it all in.

In the end you get a creamy texture aka "soup"!

I heart eating from my blender.

Save the remaining ingredients to make the dish again, fresh. Save extra soup to reheat for healthy fast food deliciousness.

Just four clean ingredients make a soup my friends describe as "restaurant quality." It is souper healthy AND tastes like gourmet. Especially if you get the carrots from a local farmer's market ;)

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