How to make quick heaven romaine wraps

How to make quick heaven romaine wraps

Here's the ingredients! Mmmm my mouth is watering already.... :)

Tear approximately 3 or 4 inch portions off of the romaine leaf. Place them on a plate or tray, depending on how many you're making.

Add about a teaspoon of cottage cheese to each leaf.

Roll up about a half of a turkey slice and tuck it into the side of the cottage cheese.

Trickle a little of the French Dressing on them.

Add a small pinch of Cheddar Cheese to each.

Sprinkle with Roasted Sesame Seeds, and then sprinkle with some Chives.

Roll'em up & enjoy!!! These are SO good!! Words are too limited to express...Heaven! Don't forget to Hit the HEART :)

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