How to make a quick crutch cuff

How to make a quick crutch cuff

This is what we are making......... Simply a cover for the cuff of a crutch...

Take your material, mine is an old scarf, it needs to be longer and wider then the cuff,,

It is as uncomfortable as it looks!...,,,,

Wrap it round to check, this is a quick fix not a neat tidy one.......

Double you material over as we are covering both side, stitch the ends and about an inch along the material to form a small pocket....

I put to rows in as they were just tacking stitches...,

Both ends done....

Turn inside out so the stitches are on the inside...,,

Slip the cover over each end,....

Make sure material is loose enough for this joint to still work!

Should look a bit like this...,now put a reinforced stitch about where my thumb is on either side of the hinge joint but not too close.,,,

Done, this is a help now that the weather is heating up, protects your arms from sticking to the plastic. Hope this helps someone else..

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