How to create a galaxy cover on a notebook

How to create a galaxy cover on a notebook

For the colors, you will need white, hot pink, purple, dark blue, and you can use a metallic color (the one I'm using is 'Aurora' from TopShop)

I used my phone case as my 'guide'. Tell me if you want a tutorial for making the case above :)

Start with the dark blue and add in colors! This is where your photograph will help guide you with which colors you should use.

This is my favorite mixture of colors for this cover. I used 8 drops of dark blue, 3 drops of hot pink, 6 drops of purple, and 3 drops of white.Just dip your sponge onto the mixture and start dabbing!

This is the final product! You can use your white paint / nail polish and make little stars. Leave your notebook to dry overnight. If you don't like your final product, just paint over your old design

After the paint has dried, you can decide whether or not to use mod-podge to seal your design!

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