How to clean silver jewelery

How to clean silver jewelery

To start, you'll need table salt, silver foil, boiled water and a small heat proof bowl or dish. This only works on real silver and doesn't really work on gold.

Place the foil in the bowl. It doesn't need to be as much as in the picture, I just used an old piece of excess that I had in the kitchen drawer.

Pour some salt into the bowl. Be generous but not excessive.

Put your silver in the bowl.

Boil the kettle and pour the water on straight away. Pour enough to cover your silver. If its particularly unclean, you'll see the dirt come off straight away. The foil will also start to tarnish.

Leave the silver for as long as you like. Once you take it out of the water, blot it dry with an old cloth or tea towel.

Buff your silver up with a soft cloth or duster…

Nice and shiny! =)

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