How to cut a shadow box in an altered book

How to cut a shadow box in an altered book

You can cut a shadow box to hold objects the would otherwise not fit in an altered book.

Begin by selecting a group of pages for you shadow box. The thickness of this group will determine the depth of your box. Apply white glue or gel medium to the sides and top of the group.

Using bulldog clips to hold, let the glue dry, 20-30 minutes.

Once the group is dry, use a pencil to mark the edges of your box on the top page.

Use an x-acto knife to cut three to four pages out at a time. A ruler will help guide a straight line.

Continue cutting until all pages are removed in block.

Apply glue to the inside edges of your box and the back of you block to secure to cover.

Depending upon the book theme, select papers, paint, embellishments, etc. to add to your shadow box.

Glue selections in and you have finished creating your shadow box portion of your altered book!

Watch the video: Altered Packaging: Shadow Box (January 2022).