How to cook trout in a salt crust

How to cook trout in a salt crust

Get some salt this is 1kilo

Grab a couple of eggs

And take their whites

Mix it all up so it becomes like wet cement

Line a tray with al foil

Make a layer of salt

Get your trout that you have rinsed and dried and also the dill, lemon and fennel

Chop, dice

Stuff stuff

Lay on salt base

Cover with remaining salt mix and pat on. Then bake for 35-40minutes on 180c

Afterwards it will look like this, let is chill for 5-10 minutes before you start cutting

Slice all around with a serrated knife and lift top off to reveal trout

Peel back skin, see how moist it is:) serve onto a warmed plate

Like this

Serve with a dill and shallot beurre blanc, enjoy:)

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