How to make grape juice pudding

How to make grape juice pudding

1.2 kg of grapes gave me 700 g juice

Extract the juice. Here it is a problem. If you put the grapes whole it will b very difficult to get the juice

So either you cut in half. Soften 2 mins on the microwave

Or just put them in a food processor. Few pulses the put them in the juicer. This method works best.

And if you don't have a juicer then you might have the traditional hand moulinette

The grape juice. Powdered rice. Cinnamon . Caraway. Anis. No sugar needed. The grape juice is sweet enough

Security measure: I keep a part of the cold juice just in case my pudding curd too much or fast I add some cold juice. And on another ball I put few TBsp of juice mix then add in the pot. Add spices

Cook on high few mins then on low stirring constantly. Like any pudding. You can make it as thick as you like but I like it soft. So for me it is done when it leaves a trail on the back of a spoon

This amount gave me 5 ramekin of 150 g of pudding. U might want to serve them in a smaller ramekins or cups

Decorate as you like. If you have time or patience. Otherwise mix walnuts pine seeds pistachios almonds... And sprinkle on the top. Myself I suggest to you few propositions

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