How to make quinoa bidfine mediterraneancuisine

How to make quinoa bidfine mediterraneancuisine

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Summary: boil chicken with aromates. Cook shallots in butter until golden. Discard the grease. Add broth. Cook 20 mins. Add garbanzo & quinoa. And cook as usual as u cook quinoa

Here I am giving the original recipe. But, personally I boil the shallots, add the garbanzo beans. i add the quinoa and the broth, i cook . And I serve wit the boiled chicken. Very light

I have this gadget to separate fat from the broth. I thought it will b fun to show you

And may b you would like to look it up on the Internet .

Beautiful shallots

Uncooked quinoa. I use the white. It is similar color to bulgur. But you can use other colors or a mixture

Cooked garbanzo beans. Today I bought them cooked.... But in a glass jar and organic. Wash them well

ingredients. Pine seeds I add on the top. They are not in the photo. Because it is optional

Cook the shallots in oil, butter or? Until golden. (And put the shallots on a kitchen paper). Put them back in the cooking pot add 1 cup chicken broth. Cook 20 mins

If your oven is on. You can bake your shallots. Put them on a tray lined with parchment paper. Add oil/butter, salt and a pinch of sugar. It helps to give the golden color.

The shallots after 20 mins. They are soft and almost all the liquid is gone or very little left

Add the broth (double the size of quinoa. The usual.. (Cooking quinoa)

Add the cooked garbanzo beans

Add the quinoa

Add salt and cinnamon

Mix gently

While cooking add the boiled chicken on the top. To heat them. I keep the bay leaf till the end

Here the whole thing is ready to serve

Take out the chicken separate the from the bones and make them into bite sizes. Serve the quinoa and the chicken pieces around. Decorate with pine seeds and little parsley for the Mediterranean look

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