How to obtain funding for a business project

How to obtain funding for a business project

Find a crowd funding website that will be best suited to your business. Examples: KickStarter, RocketHub, indiegogo, Black Start Up.

We chose to use a new site called black startup. Describe the details of your project and introduce the funders to the people on your team.

Create thoughtful rewards that will serve as a thank you to your funders.

Come up with a catchy campaign teaser. Start posting it to your social media accounts 2 weeks before your project launches.

Make a flashy flyer, give it to everyone you know and ask them to share it with people in their social circles. Post your flyer on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share it periodically.

Make a decision to be different, this is a step of faith. Seek positive & reaffirming information to sustain you through this journey.

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